15 Days of Plexus- Introducing Plexus Slim!


Each day for the next 15 days, I will be highlighting a product from Plexus Worldwide.

All Plexus products are free of GMO’s, plant based, most natural and diabetic friendly.

Very low in caffeine (equivalent to a cup of decaf coffee) and most products can be taken by pregnant and nursing mothers. Just run it by your doctor.

Products for gut health, inflammation, balancing sugars, weight loss and skin care.


DAY ONE:  Introducing Plexus Slim! (not a meal replacement)



Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 4.49.34 PM

Results my vary. Plexus products do not diagnosis, cure or treat disease. Supplements can assist in weight loss, gut health, inflammation, pain relief, balancing sugars and improve skin conditions.

Plexus Slim is made available through my designated website. Go to http://www.shopmyplexus.com/LisaJSchuster

Live Healthy…No Excuses!!!



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