5 Most Common Plexus Slim Questions, Answered Now



1. HOW MUCH IS IT? Most of our products are between $20-$40. NONE are over $100. There are even combos of the products that save you money and will cost you roughly between $3.00-$4.50 a day, which I found to be way less than the money you might be spending on coffees/sodas/snacks/fast food each day. You actually might save money being on Plexus!- I know I do!! ?
2. IS IT SAFE? Yes. In fact, Plexus is the most natural health supplement line on the market today. All of our products are gluten free, NON-GMO, no soy, contain no artificial sweeteners (including Sucralose found in Splenda), no dyes or chemicals.

3. WILL IT WORK FOR ME? I personally believe that Plexus can help EVERYONE! We have one of the highest success rates in the Health Supplement industry!

4. I’M TRYING TO DECIDE BETWEEN ____ and PLEXUS. WHAT MAKES PLEXUS DIFFERENT? For me, the biggest deciding factor was the fact that Plexus lists all product labels and ingredients on the website, and you won’t find that on many of the other supplement sites. Nothing has SUCRALOSE, CARRAGEENAN, or artificial colors, and when I found out the products I wanted to take were approved by many doctors, I was in! These products are designed to get your inside healthy, before you see evidence on the outside. It might be frustrating at first, but in the long run, slower weight loss is so much better for reaching your health goals and sustained weight loss.

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5. WHAT IF IT DOESN’T WORK? I ask that everyone give it 60 days. 2 weeks is just not enough. Give it time and enjoy the process 🙂 


All orders are done through my Plexus website: http://www.shopmyplexus.com/LisaJSchuster Ambassador ID# 323944. Select how you would like to purchase: Retail, Preferred or join me as a wholesale ambassador and get the best price possible!


*Products from Plexus are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure illness or disease. Our most natural products are tools to help you regain control of your health. Feel free to take a copy of the product ingredients to your physician and discuss it.

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