7 REASONS YOU CANNOT LOSE WEIGHT! *SPOILER* It is not just about diet and exercise!


The top 7 reasons and the Plexus products that can help you!

1) SLEEP – If you are not sleeping you will not lose weight. (Probio5 and MegaX)

2) DIGESTION – constipation, bloating, feeling full all the time, a swollen stomach. (Probio5 and Biocleanse)

3) ENERGY LEVEL- thyroid and iron anemia (X-Factor and Slim)

4) MENSTRUAL CYCLE – if it is off, you will have a hard time losing weight because estrogen makes fat. If there is excess estrogen, it interferes with the thyroid and increases fat production. (Slim and Biocleanse)

5) CRAVINGS – one way to know you are burning fat is that you will crave NOTHING. If you crave sweets it means your body only burns sugar and not FAT. (Slim and Accelerator+)

6) INFLAMMATION- means the adrenals are not strong enough. It sucks the energy from the body and slows metabolism. (Mega X, EASE and NERVE)

7) STRESS – if the body is stuck in stress mode and it cannot relax, the adrenals are overloaded and you have too much body stress. (X Factor, Slim and BioCleanse)

I can honestly say I suffered from 5 to 6 of these issues……not anymore. Thank you Plexus!



Plexus products are not meant to diagnose, cure or treat disease. Results may vary. Though products are plant based, free of gmo’s and diabetic friendly, and most can be taken by pregnant or nursing mothers. Please advise your doctor first before taking prooducts.


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