Are You Addicted to Carbohydrates?

This is an excellent article explaining the science behind carbohydrate addiction (ps- it’s a real thing!) What I loved is that the four explanations match up perfectly with why Plexus products help so many overcome this addiction!

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1.) Your Brain: When you eat starches and sweets, your pancreas releases insulin. In addition to regulating your blood sugar, insulin also decreases your bloodstream’s concentration of amino acids—except for tryptophan. Eventually the tryptophan makes its way to your brain, and triggers it to produce serotonin (your feel good chemical).

Try Accelerator+ – it contains 5-HTP, a precursor to serotonin that has been shown to reduce carbohydrate cravings! I love this product for my anxiety!

2.) Hypothyroidism: there is no fatigue like thyroid fatigue! In an effort to combat this fatigue, many people reach for quick pick-me-ups like soda, chips, candy bars, crackers and other similar vending machine offerings.
But did you know that Insulin is our master hormone and it works VERY closely with the thyroid/cortisol connection?

Try Plexus Slim as a solution! This little pink powder provides all day energy without stimulants or jitters. The plant based ingredients help balance blood sugar and reduce cravings for the simple sugars carbs provide. It is not a meal replacement, just a simple drink that starts your day well and keeps you going without stall–allowing you to sleep well at night, too!

3.) Yeast Overgrowth: Yeast feeds on sugar, and in turn can multiply out of control and overcome your friendly intestinal flora (which normally helps to keep yeast in check and under control).
A vicious cycle can result whereby the yeast, wanting more nourishment, triggers cravings for sugar, which in turn leads to greater yeast overgrowth, which then triggers more intense cravings for sugar.

Try Probio5! This 3 in 1 delivery system provides your body with broad spectrum, multi strain probiotics, digestive enzymes and an anti fungal. It’s the ultimate critter killer!

4) Stress and Adrenal Overload: Stress triggers the release of the hormones adrenaline and cortisol. These hormones raise your heart rate, dilate your blood vessels and mobilize fat and carbohydrates stored in your body for quick energy for the “fight or flight” reaction. Once the stress ends, adrenaline production subsides, but cortisol stays around to help refuel your body and bring it back to balance—and it does this by making you hungry.

But when stress becomes chronic, this can lead to the familiar “stress eating” of carbs, since your body is repeatedly following the instructions of cortisol and looking to refuel itself.

Try Block! Block is a unique carbohydrate blocker. Not only does it prevent carbs from being stored as fat, it also contains a patented ingredient called InSea2 which is proven to reduce post meal blood sugars by 48%. This reduction could help relieve the stress on the adrenals that high carbohydrate meals.

Plexus products are not meant to cure, treat or diagnosis. They can make a difference as a most natural supplement. Please see the product section for more information on each product available by Plexus.


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