Back to School Sickness Buster!

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One of my teacher friends is sharing her Plexus testimony today! So happy that Ashlee has shared the struggles she faces with keeping healthy during her teaching years and how she found immunity benefits from these two products.

“School starts in TWO weeks!! So many people have been able to boost their immune system with these two products, X Factor and Probio5!  Did you know I didn’t go to the doctor one time last school year because* of illness?? I had THE healthiest year of my 9 year teaching career!! The only thing I did differently was consistently take my Plexus products, daily. My pre-k and 1st grader didn’t have any major illnesses last school year either! ?” (their mommas are giving them the products too!)  This is good thing to note….because think of it…if your kids are sick and have to stay home from school, your whole day is turned around! If you are a working parent, you must now take a sick day to be home with your child 🙁

–Get a head start on boosting your immunity and not let colds and virus stand a chance!

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**Replace your probiotic & multi-vitamin with these two products that are the absolute BEST on the market for 60 days. IF you’re not satisfied, take advantage of the 60 day money back guarantee, return the product and get your money back! (Although that happens less than 1% of the time) We also have a children’s chewable X Factor multivitamin for the kiddos!

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