Blessed by Plexus and God’s Abundance

Blessed! It is most definitely the most used description by Plexus ambassadors.

This is Erin Parker Zimmerman, she will be coming to Denver on May 24 for the Opportunity of a Lifetime event. I am so excited to meet her in person! Will you be there? You are personally invited by me, just send me a message! If you do not live in the Denver area, there are other Opportunity events across the country and I may be able to find one for you! Read on….
Erin is a registered dietician, she loves Plexus and is a new diamond for Plexus.
I love her reflection!
Exceedingly. Abundantly. Above. Ephesians 3:20

“Today I picked up my free Diamond Lexus from Plexus Worldwide and I am so thankful…SO thankful. This has also caused me to reflect on all that God has done in the past 32 months.
?Did you know that when I joined Plexus, my only goal was to make enough each month to pay for our products?
?Did you know that at that same time I was searching for a way to make supplemental income but was burdened about spending time away from my kids?
?Did you know that I had spent 8 years in a traditional corporate job and thought that was the only respectable way to earn an income but had walked away because the personal cost was too great?
?Did you know that I hadn’t a clue about the power of residual income?

Through Plexus, God has blessed me Exceedingly. Abundantly. Above. what I ever could have asked or imagined. When I tried to do things my way, not only was I limiting what God had planned but I was missing out on so many blessings that He had in store.

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Fancy cars, trips, and a great paycheck are all SO nice and I’m filled with gratitude daily….DAILY! But that’s not ever really been my motivation for doing this business.
▪️I am motivated by the freedom I have to spend more time with my family.
▪️I am motivated by loved ones who have regained health.
▪️I am motivated by the friends I have helped to gain financial freedom.
▪️I am motivated by the lifelong relationships (old and new) that have been forged.

Thirty two months into this career there is one thing I know to be true: I did not have A CLUE about the number of ways that my life would change for the better because of this amazing blessing of Plexus. All glory to God.”

Plexus is Different–Plexus Could Change Your Life! Let me introduce you to a life of purpose and prosperity.  ‪#‎liveabundantly‬ ‪#‎plexuschangeslives‬‪#‎flabtofabwithplexus‬

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