What This Cucumber Can Tell You About Your Health

This is one of the best visuals that I’ve seen about yeast overgrowth in your gut. If you’ve been paying attention to anything I’ve been posting?, you’d know that the majority of us are overrun with yeast overgrowth ?(google yeast overgrowth symptoms).

Why are we overrun with yeast?? Because we eat highly processed foods ???and drinks full of artificial ingredients/dyes/and gobs of preservatives!  We take antibiotics and OTC meds ? that kill off the good bacteria that continue to fight the overgrowth. Do you drink alcohol ? ??   (Yeast thrives on this!!) Sugar is found in just about all of the food or drinks you buy.  Our sugar intake is through the roof!  Many foods that you think don’t have sugar in them actually do. Manufacturers are quite sneaky and hide that sugar well! Let’s talk about sandwich bread- loaded with high fructose corn syrup; milk has lactose; yogurt (which is supposed to be healthy,) has tons of sugar. Breakfast cereals (yes, even the “healthy” ones,) have at least 6-10 grams of sugar.

And guess what feeds yeast? Yep, SUGAR!! And yes, even people who are considered “clean eaters” or “crunchy eaters” and workout peeps who spend countless hours at the gym can still have this problem.? No one is immune to yeast, mold and fungus in the gut.

So a lot of us are visual learners, so I thought this might help.?

On the right is a shriveled up, moldy cucumber (no, that’s not from my fridge). On the left is one that was just purchased.?

Yeast, mold and fungus decompose living things. And guess what? They live in everyones gut.

Yeast, mold and fungus decompose living things. And guess what? They live in everyones gut.

Yeast, mold, and fungi have one specific purpose– to decompose organic matter after you die. ?

So think about it…if your body has too much yeast, mold or fungus in your body, you are actually decomposing from the inside–hence the idea that all disease begins in the gut ??. I know it is nasty to think about.

It is necessary to clean up the gut and address its need for restoration and balance.  Amazing things can happen throughout your entire body– less pain, better digestion and elimination, better skin/hair/nails, can assist with allergies and immunity, and leads to a better quality of life.  Does it make sense now why I can’t stop talking about Plexus and the COUNTLESS AND VARIED testimonials you see.???  ??

The solution==>Plexus ProBio5. Not only does it introduce good bacteria (five natural digestive enzymes) into the gut like other probiotics may do, but it also does something no other probiotic can…. IT KILLS YEAST, MOLD and FUNGI. ??  Check and see if your probiotic that you are currently using has an anti-fungal in it. Most likely not.

What is ProBio5

Probio5 costs less than a new haircut (and a cheap one at that) ??  So yes–you can afford it and your body will be glad you did it good.

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