Facts About Plexus

Here are a few facts about Plexus:

1) We are not a meal replacement or shake company! YAY! We discourage skipping meals or starving yourself. We offer a super yummy cherry-pomegranate tasting drink and small capsules to help you achieve all types of health goals! Stay tuned for specifics

2) Water intake is key! It is HIGHLY recommended to drink half of your body weight in water ounces daily to maximize results by flushing out toxins and fatty cells that Plexus is helping us get rid of.

3) Healthy eating and exercise are encouraged to maximize the benefits of the Plexus products.

4) Inches lost are a more accurate measurement of progress rather than the scale. Plexus Slim burns fat and not muscle!

5) Our products are natural, plant-based, caffeine free, non GMO, contain no artificial sweeteners/dyes/flavors, and many of our products are vegan. Many doctors back and encourage the use of Plexus products. However, if you have any medical conditions you are concerned about, please check with your doctor just to be on the safe side and ask your friend who invited you as well!

6) Our products are designed to promote health and wellness within the body. The primary benefit is not weight loss. That is just a side benefit to a healthier body and proper functioning of systems!

7) We have products that assist weight loss, for gut health/detox, help pain and inflammation and give your natural sustained energy.

8) We have nearly 10 products under $35.

9) You can become a wholesale customer by paying just $34.95 per year! (Cheaper than a Sam’s Club or Costco membership) Get your products for less, and should you decide to work the business and earn money, your website is already in place to do so!

10) Backed team support by people knowledgable and talented people whole love their job!

11) Opportunities to earn money 11 different ways! Best compensation plan EVER!

12) AND….I am looking for more team members! Could you be my ROCK STAR?  Message me and find out!


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