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Welcome to my blog and more importantly, Welcome to Plexus!

I am so excited to introduce you to what has become a blessing in my life. It is not a person,  or a thing, like a new fabulous tasting coffee drink or a song you must hear on itunes. It is an opportunity that is changing my life.

A year ago, I saw how Plexus was changing the life of a friend of mine. She didn’t find the fountain of youth but she was excited about something. She was losing weight, living in less pain and making money doing so! I was intrigued and had to know more. She told me that she had always struggled with her weight and now as she got older, her health was starting to decline and she needed to make some changes. She started taking what she called, “a little pink” once a day, and replaced the vitamins she was taking with a probiotic and multivitamin from Plexus. She started losing inches, replacing clothing for smaller sizes. She started her family on the products. After a couple of months, her husband, who had always been allergic to chicken and eggs, was somehow now able to eat them. He has found Chick-fil-A and is a happy man!  Her children now have better immunity and are missing less days of school (sad for them!)

I started taking the products in late October 2014. It seemed easy enough — as there were no counting calories, eating prepackaged foods or having to drink nasty meal replacement shakes! The products, I was told, would be “tools” to assist me in my weight loss and to better health. I could still eat but could continue to do what I was already doing– eating lower carb, higher protein and finding three times during the week to do pilates, ride an exercise bike or attend a Zumba class. The products could help me curb my appetite and give me added willpower over food. I needed that!

I started taking the products and signed up as an ambassador, so I could get wholesale pricing immediately. I wasn’t planning on making a business of it, but liked the discount pricing. Plus, it only costs $34.95 per year, so why not? I soon found out that paying $34.95 was like striking gold!

The products were easy to take. Slim in the morning 30 minutes before breakfast. Accelerator+ after breakfast. Drink lots of water. I thought my friend was crazy when she told me I had to drink half my weight in water EACH DAY. I did the math and for my large body, that was a WHOLE LOTTA WATER! Yes, I went to the potty a lot more in the day but I knew it was necessary to do while taking these products. The toxins need a way to get out of your body right? Plus, I kept telling myself, water is good for you!

The first thing I noticed in the week of taking the products, (Slim and Accelerator+), was that I did have a lot of energy! Gee, I had been taking afternoon naps since my son born. That was 15 years ago! What was I going to do with the two hours I used to nap? Well…I found myself wanting to take a walk with the dog or fit in an additional exercise class. What?!? This was not like me! My husband noticed that I was happier, moving around more…easier to live with! Ha! I noticed that I was sleeping better, too.  After two weeks, I added the Probio5 and Biocleanse to my regimen. These products are amazing! They are designed to work at scrubbing the gut of toxins, yeast and fungus and the proper elimination of them. I started on these products slowly and was really seeing the difference in my weight. After three months, I had lost 22 lbs, effortlessly! More important than the weight loss, I noticed something that took me by surprise. For two years, I had suffered from debilitating muscle contractures/spasms/twitching that baffled two neurosurgeons, a rheumatologist and my MD. It was not restless leg syndrome. I was checked for everything from fibromyalgia-to lupus-rheumatoid arthritis to MS. No diagnosis was found and they labeled me as having dystonia and neuralgia.  They had been treating me with Gabapentin and Cymbalta. Due to having problems with our new insurance company not approving Cymbalta, I went off it rather than paying $250 a month for it. I had not refilled my Gabapentin and just took my Plexus products. I noticed after three months, a 22 lb weight loss, AND my muscle problems were GONE! What?!? No longer was I waking up in the middle of the night with aching, knotted muscles in my lower legs, making me cry or almost making me collapse in my bed after I went to the potty. I could now wake in the morning without muscle soreness from a night of pain. During the day, I didn’t notice the muscles quivering in my legs, arms or facial twitching. I can only sum it up as, I was finally giving my body what it needed. Perhaps it was a nutritional deficiency that I had now resolved!  ?? I don’t know what was missing that my body had needed, but I will not go off these products if it means going back to the debilitating, awful feeling again. Plexus is my saving grace.

My weight loss is still ongoing and I have only lost a couple more pounds. But weight loss is no longer my main focus. Getting healthy is! And my business is now taking off as I tell others about the many benefits of Plexus. I am not a salesperson by any means, I just share what the products are doing for me. Working for Plexus fits my life, as I continue to work as a caregiver for Alzheimers’s and senior citizens. Working for Plexus also keeps me accountable. I need to take the products and be a walking testimony.  And speaking of testimonies….Plexus has thousands of them! Just ask me for a testimony on weight loss or how it has helped people with diabetes, arthritis, IBS, migraines, acne, eczema and other autoimmune disorders.  I would love to share some testimonies with you!

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