I Don’t Need Plexus–I Go To The Gym

I hear this from a few friends, “All you need to do is exercise and eat right.”

I wish this was the case!!


From a gym owner:

“The truth is, just because you go to the gym and workout doesn’t mean that you’re “healthy” and your body is going to respond to exercise the way it should! Have you ever wondered why you have to work SO hard to lose that last 15 pounds that you’ve been trying to lose for six months now? Or add that 15 pounds of muscle? It’s because your body isn’t balanced!

What do I mean by “balanced”?
If your blood sugar is stable (balanced), your energy will soar, your hormones will stabilize, your food cravings will decrease, your mood will improve and your sleep will become more restful.

If your gut is healthy, your immune system will be strong, you will more likely feel happier, more at peace with mental clarity, and your skin will glow.

If you reduce inflammation in the body, your discomfort will go away, your body won’t be stressed and you will feel better!

? -Blood sugar
? -Gut health
? -Inflammation

Knowledge is power! Balancing these three elements is the key to optimal health, and how you get your body to better respond to all that hard work you’re putting in at the gym every day!

“Health” is much more than just throwing weights around in the gym, or running 5 miles a day. True health starts on the inside!”


Oh, YES, you do!!

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