Words by Rachael Rogers

This right here, was ME! I would’ve said these words, EXACTLY. I was a fitness fanatic- eating clean, taking drugstore supplements, exercising 6 days per week, often twice daily, and I absolutely thought companies like Plexus were a pyramid scheme. The problem is that A.) I was highly uneducated about what the term “pyramid scheme” even meant and B.) my drugstore supplements weren’t cutting it.

Despite my clean eating habits, I still craved sugar- like it was a drug, I desperately needed a nap every afternoon or I was worthless by 3pm, no matter how many AB exercises I did!  I still had what I thought was belly fat (turned out to be bloating from poor digestion,) which was all a good indication that my drugstore supplements weren’t doing JACK and that a healthy diet and regular exercise wasn’t enough.

So let’s address both:

A.) Pyramid Schemes are illegal, first and foremost. They offer no real, working products and recruit investors by promising a guarantee of high returns. The buy-in is a large investment, causing the distributor to be overloaded with more product than they will be able to retail out.

So, why do people think ALL MLM’s are a “Pyramid Scheme?” Because there HAVE been companies who met the above criteria, lied to their distributors and stole their money. Plexus offers wholesale pricing for $34.95/year (hardly a large investment), no inventory is purchased…EVER, unless the distributor chooses to carry it and we as a company make no guarantee of high returns.

B.) Drugstore supplements vs. Plexus –Sure, you can get similar products from a drugstore, but in order to get the quality of ingredients found in our products, you will wind up spending much MORE. Let’s take our probiotic for example. The average high-quality, multi-strain probiotic will cost around $50-$75 and typically contains bacteria that begin to activate immediately upon reaching heat and moisture (your mouth) rather than staying dormant and thriving in the gut where the bacteria is most needed. These probiotic supplements typically do not contain digestive enzymes or fungal-killers in them, in which case, you would need to buy two separate supplements which would be around $15-$20 each. Now you are spending $115 for THREE supplements, where you could spend 1/5 of that on ONE. ProBio5 contains 5 varied strands of good bacteria, digestive enzymes and a fungal killer called Chitoanase all in one little capsule.

What about our multivitamin? It’s “just” a vitamin right?! Ummm not hardly. XFactor contains two ingredients that will rock your socks off; New Zealand Black Currants, which are the highest antioxidant fruit on the market and a patented aloe blend -that help to increase your bodies absorption of nutrients by up to 400%. If you pee yellow when you take vitamin supplements, you aren’t absorbing them! That’s some very expensive pee!

You can get our TriPlex combo, which comes with three products that help regulate blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol and lipid levels, improve gut health, balance hormones and decrease inflammation in the body for less than a Starbucks latte. Is that quadruple what you’d pay for medication or store-bought supplements? Doubtful.

My point? We aren’t crazy. The products have a 60-day money back guarantee. Your drugstore supplements won’t have that.41b1bfaa3818a07cf7f1153bc3fcabb6



Are you still a skeptic? –I am here are ready to talk Plexus and how you can make changes towards a healthier lifestyle….when you are READY!

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