Power Up Be More with Newly Released, EDGE!

***New product just released!!! Whoop! Whoop!

Are you super tired?? Fatigued constantly?? Can’t focus?? Super moody?? Just can’t seem to get it together daily?? Deal with serious afternoon slump?? Swigging down energy drinks, soda and coffee just to get through the day?


Watch this video on EDGE!  http://backoffice.plexusworldwide.com/lisajschuster/media/shareables/edge-launch-video.html

You HAVE TO try our new product, EDGE!!! It is healthy, ALL NATURAL sustainable energy in one capsule!! With a special patent pending that only Plexus has, you want this! No chemicals…no hyped up feeling!! And only 90 mg of caffeine which is the equivalent of one cup of regular coffee. So stop drinking that nasty chemical laden energy drinks, shots of energy or pots full of coffee, get EDGE!

The patent pending ingredient is Theacrine – Kucha Tea from China. It is an active compound that leaves you with no jitters, fatigue or irritability. Helps to motivate one to exercise and does not alter sleep.


L Theanine is an amino acid of green tea that helps to energize, improve memory and learning by 10%!

You can even combine this product with our other products, especially our Triplex combo. These four products together will improve gut health, inflammation, balance blood sugars, lower blood pressure, cholesterols and lipids, help with weight loss and now, because of the Edge, you have sustainable energy and feel good while making healthy lifestyle changes!

60 day FULL Money back guarantee on ALL Plexus products????

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