Plexus only works if you take it!

You have to be consistent.

This is your health, it’s important!

Create a regimen and stick with it.

If you get side tracked, just start again.

I always say it doesn’t matter how many times you fall down, just how many times you get up! EVERY person I have ever had tell me Plexus didn’t work, eventually admitted they were not consistent and they quit within 2 months because they weren’t seeing any weight loss results. Guess what? If you are not consistent, do not drink water to flush out your toxins, and do not have patience, you will not see the results you want. But, you will see non-scale victories which prove Plexus is working on a cellular level. Better mood, better sleep, reduced cravings, better skin, something improves.

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If you think about quitting, remember your why! Why did you want to start in the first place. That why has not changed, it never will. The cost of Plexus is no more than the unhealthy meals, snacks and drinks we put in our bodies on a daily basis, so cost is not a factor. If you believe it is, add up all the unhealthy purchases you made in a week and figure out the monthly costs. I know for a fact, I mindlessly spent hundreds every month on things that were slowly killing me. So why not spend less on something that is improving my health?

We are in a Microwave society and want a hot cooked meal in 30 seconds, and instant weight loss. Well, technology may be able to give you information at your fingertips in seconds, but your body has not changed. It will take the time it needs to repair itself, given the opportunity of being placed in a state where it can do so. Being impatient and unrealistic is the most detrimental thing we can do on our health and wellness journey.

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