Sorry, not sorry….

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I had a friend tell me, “Lisa, when are going to stop with the Plexus posts so I can better enjoy a peaceful Facebook or coffee with you experience?” This is why I’m ‪#‎sorrynotsorry‬:

Think about this. You might feel annoyed, but because I share…

✦ Someone is waking up with less pain.
✦ A mama is feeling healthier and better equipped to take care of her family.
✦ Someone is celebrating, because of the improved blood work results.
✦ A man has gotten over his skepticism, because he is seeing the results in his health and his family’s health.
✦ So many that were once told medicines would only be their answers are now finding better solutions.
✦ Someone is noticing how baggy their clothes are because of inches and weight lost.
✦ Someone is waking up refreshed, because they are finally getting good sleep at night.
✦ A man and woman are making better food choices, because their cravings are under control.
✦ A person has finally started to exercise, because they are starting to feel better.
✦ Yet another medical professional or natural health professional is jumping on board, because after extensive research, they understand the validity of these natural products.
✦ A dad addicted to Diet Coke for years is finally free.
✦ A mom with an irregular cycle and painful cramps is finding relief and regularity.
✦ A kid is avoiding frequent illness, because a mama has been proactive about building up their immune function.
✦ A family is paying off debt.
✦ A mom is able to leave her job and finally realize her dream of being a stay-at-home mom.
✦ A month is ending, and there was enough money to pay the bills.
✦ A ministry is being funded, or a favorite charity received a bonus.
✦ Families’ dreams of financial freedom are being achieved.
✦ A person is giving back because they have received financial blessings, while helping others.

So, I continue to share, because it’s my passion to help change lives and connect people with their freedom!!! ‪#‎thiscouldchangeeverything‬‪#‎moneybackguarantee‬


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