Stevia vs. Sucralose? What is in your supplement, protein shake or breakfast bar?

It is always wise to read labels and know what you are consuming!!


That being said…
If you take ANY supplement (powder, pill, bar), eat any sugar-free or diet foods, drink diet or energy drinks drinks…you’ll want to go check your labels after reading this.

? It’s a plant found in Brazil & Paraguay
? It’s been used for HUNDREDS of years by natives in food and medicine.
? It is 250-300 times sweeter than sugar so much less is needed
? It is naturally calorie-free
? It naturally contains potassium, magnesium, zinc and vitamin B3.
? It is a natural anti-fungal
? It is a fibrous plant that can promote proper digestion
? Studies have shown that Stevia does not interfere with blood glucose or insulin levels

? Highly processed ?
? It is a chlorocarbon which means that part of its molecular structure has been removed and replaced with chlorine molecules
? Has only been used by humans in foods for 18 years (since 1998) so there is no way to know it’s long-term effects
? Was shown to decrease good gut flora by 50% and increase intestinal PH levels
? Can stimulate appetite, increase carb/sugar cravings and stimulate fat storage. In fact, diet sodas containing artificial sweeteners can actually DOUBLE your risk of obesity. ?
? When tested on animals, those given Sucralose showed to have decreased red blood cells (anemia), increased male infertility, enlarged and calcified kidney, spontaneous abortions and a 4 TIMES HIGHER death rate in the group given Sucralose compared to the control group.


Are you aware that Plexus uses Stevia in their Plexus Slim? Yep, plant based stevia not the chemical sweetener. I love this! Our company is on the cutting edge of health and wellness and our products are the highest quality–no GMO’s, gluten free, plant based, very low caffeine and most are vegan friendly.


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