TEACHERS! Go Back to School in the Fall Feeling Healthier and Happier Than You Did at the Start of Summer!

Teachers!!!!!!!!! Teachers Aides!!!!! School administrators!! Spouses!!!!!
I’m BEYOND pumped about THIS! I wanted to find a way to give back to teachers, faculty, and staff over the summer because y’all are one of the most hardworking and life changing peeps on the planet. In fact, I was a teacher years ago and I remember those times of staying up late writing lessons and grading papers. Yowza! I want to share how Plexus has changed my life, my family’s lives, and countless others’ lives.  Now I want to see how it change your life ! Let’s prepare you for a new school year feeling full of sustainable energy, tackling your health issues and help you manage your weight, blood sugars, lipids, cholesterol and blood pressure!
Get healthy from the inside out
June through August!!!!
It’s simple:

1. Purchase our most popular and effective combo BY JUNE 12TH: Triplex
2. Receive personalized coaching within a secret FB group
3. Provide me honest feedback
4. If it’s not for you, get your money back (60 day guarantee)
5. It’s always more fun to do it together–invite a few friends

While I’m not going to turn anyone away (meaning if you’re not a teacher, you can still do this), I have something SPECIAL for the school peeps–FREE!!!

So if you’re a teacher, faculty, or staff (or spouse of one), let’s do this! If you know a teacher, faculty, or staff member who needs this, forward this message to them!  If they sign as an ambassador or order our Triplex, there is something in it for you, too! 

What are you waiting for?–the time is gonna pass anyway. ???  Don’t go back to school feeling how you felt at the start of summer vacation. GO BACK BETTER!!

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