The Reason People Lose Weight at Different Rates

Looking for the nitty, gritty details on Plexus? What is it & how does it work? Will it work? How fast? What are the ingredients?



David Brown, co-developer of Plexus Slim speaks about the “Pink Drink”:

• Our products work with the body to help re-educate the body

• Slim is designed to help your body get to a healthy BMI (body mass index – % of body fat). Once you hit that BMI, it doesn’t burn tissue. It doesn’t make you lose weight that you don’t need to lose. It will help you maintain and keep you at a healthy BMI.

The reason people lose at different rates: If you’ve been carrying around extra weight since your youth, your body thinks a 40% BMI is a natural healthy state. It takes our product a while to re-educate your body to say “No, that’s not a healthy body weight.” It’s what your body has become ACCUSTOMED to. If your body has been at that BMI for a while, it’ll take some time to re-educate.

• There are 3 types of weight gain:

1) Genetic

2) Stage or Plateau which is when you get older and gain, then gain more a few years later

3) Event – like a pregnancy or medication. Of these 3 types of weight gain, usually the “event” weight will come off easier.

Plateau and genetic gains will usually have plateaus as you come down in losing. BE PATIENT. Some of our bodies are “slow learners” and everyone’s biochemistry/physiology is different. No two people will react the same when you introduce a supplement to the body.

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*4 ingredients for heart health
4 ingredients for kidney and liver health
1 ingredient for gastrointestinal health
4 ingredients for antioxidant repair
1 ingredient to aid in blood pressure levels
5 ingredients to aid in cholesterol levels
4 ingredients to aid in triglyceride levels
4 ingredients to aid in weight loss
3 ingredients to help suppress appetite

**Naturally colored, flavored and sweetened

Curious or Convinced yet? Okay, how bout trying a 7 day sample of Slim for under $25? Or, give it a go for 30 days for about $70-85- dependent on retail or preferred customer ordering. And there is a 60 money back guarantee on your order!  Try it – love it- and come back as a repeat customer. I will then let you know how you can save even more on future orders. 🙂

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