The Secret is Chromium and Why This Drink Helps Balance Your Body



Just so you know ….The most frequent symptoms of Chromium deficiency are:
– sudden rise in #anxiety levels
– sudden decrease of #energy
– chronic #fatigue
– muscle #weakness
– constant #hunger
– excessive #thirst
– sweet #cravings
– frequent #urination
#mood swings
– cold #sweats

I happen to get my chromium in this delicious little pink drink that has 200 mcg of chromium per serving, is caffeine free and is NOT a meal replacement. Chromium helps keep blood sugar levels steady, which translates to natural energy, fat loss, fewer cravings, hormone balance and amazing sleep! ?

A great question answered by Co-Developer of Plexus Slim- Dave Brown.

Question: There is some concern about the level of Chromium and I know Plexus Slim contains Chromium. What is the recommended daily amount?

Answer: There is a USRDA (recommended daily allowance) of Chromium set by the government. There is much controversy over RDAs and what truly is too much. On the Mayo Clinic website, when you search, “RDA of chromium” it states there are a number of factors to consider, and answers are non-specific. Many different RDAs of chromium can be found on the internet. Even if you take the LOWEST RDA for chromium out there, you would have to drink 75 Slims per day to get even close to that level! It is a very minute amount, and used only as a catalyst in Slim.

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