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✔ONE WORD: Chitosanase.

Probiotics are so important for balancing our bodies and boosting our immune systems!  It’s the difference between ProBio5 and all other probiotics.

Most probiotics on the market today, promote a large quantity of probiotic strains. You’ve seen it – “50 billion strains per capsule!” or “14 billion good bacteria!” or (my favorite) “85 billion live cultures, GUARANTEED!”. But, like most things, it’s the quality, not quantity that counts. And, none of these probiotics can be absorbed as thoroughly as ProBio5.

Why exactly? Let me explain….

Well, yeast overgrowth actually INHIBITS the absorption of probiotics. When yeast multiplies in the gut, it forms a tough, protective cell wall called Chitin. This is what makes yeast overgrowth hard to kill. ProBio5 (unlike other probioitcs) includes the enzyme, Chitosanase, which breaks through that tough cell wall and effectively attacks the yeast overgrowth, so that the intestines can properly absorb the culture forming units.

The ProBio5 capsules are also specially formulated to dissolve when they reach the pH of your gut.

This is what yeast and fungus looks like in your gut and intestines.

This is what yeast and fungus looks like in your gut and intestines.

Why is this important?  Other probiotics simply, dissolve in your stomach. Unfortunately, stomach acid will kill off a large percentage of the bacteria before it reaches your gut. ProBio5 ensures that 100% of live cultures and enzymes make their way to your gut – exactly where they need to be.

Why is yeast overgrowth a big deal?   Because it prohibits vitamins and minerals from being absorbed fully. Everyone has a yeast overgrowth to some degree (yes, you too–even crunchy granola type people) and it could be the reason you feel sluggish, crave sugar, get headaches/migraines, feel bloated, experience constipation, or many other symptoms.

Now, you know! And now you know that if you need a probiotic, Probio5 from Plexus is the ultimate choice.


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