The Value of Health Now and Later

People will ask me if Plexus is expensive…..$$$$$…..?????

Before I answer, we get into a conversation about things that ARE expensive. Cell phones are expensive…so are the cell phone bills. Coffee is expensive. Haircuts are expensive…so is getting a mani/pedi. Eating out in restaurants is expensive. Kids’ sports and activities are expensive. College is expensive. Plane flights are expensive. I could go on & on….

Bottom line: The massive amounts of things we buy for ourselves and our families are COSTLY, but we make a CHOICE to purchase certain items because we place VALUE on them and think they are WORTH it.


Question: How much do you value your health? How about your kids’ health?

If the nutrition in our country doesn’t radically change, the world will not be prepared for the definition of EXPENSIVE from the cascading health crisis that is coming! Have you noticed your health insurance skyrocket in the past year? Our family has felt it. We spend more money for less service. Now let’s not get into a political rant now, let’s keep the focus on Plexus and You!

INVEST a little NOW in your health and SAVE so much more in the FUTURE. Save yourself from aches and pains, time at countless doctor’s visits, ER visits, money from expensive medications, etc….  Just a few small tweaks in your diet and adding exercise PLUS a few quality supplements could make an incredible impact on your future.  You would have spent that same money on energy drink/coffee/candy/junk food habit or eating out anyway, right?  Try something different. Tweak your diet a bit (reducing sugar and carbs, eating more protein and leafy vegetables), make more healthy meals at home, add 40 minutes of exercise 4 days a week and ADD supplements of plant based quality vitamins and minerals from Plexus, into your day.

YOU deserve it. Your family deserves it!!!!


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