TONIGHT!! Beach Money Webinar: Create Your Dream Life with Plexus

Monday morning got you down? Curious how YOU can change your current situation and create YOUR Dream Life???

Please check out what my friend, Kim Wilson Pollock. a holistic health coach, has to say about how Plexus helped her achieve financial freedom and live her “Dream Life.” She inspires me to keep dreaming BIG!


Kim says:
“If you think “Network Marketing” is a 4-letter word…this webinar is for YOU! Never in a million years did I think I would become a Network Marketer! I started making 6 figures in my 20’s and thought I would climb the Corporate ladder to my dream job! But what I found was a cold, unsupportive, “what have you done for me lately” culture that left my soul feeling empty. A year ago, I left the Ad Sales industry and have never felt more fulfilled!! Plexus provided the income I needed to not only support my family financially but also allowed me to make the jump into the health + wellness industry, without having to worry about paying the bills! I’ve created my Dream Life…are you ready to create YOURS?

Tonight, May 23rd, join me and listen to Kim from the comfort of your home or car! Tune into the youtube Live at 8:30 pm CST.

Then, if you are interested in JOINING Plexus for the low yearly cost of $34.95, give me a shout! I will connect you with a fast growing team that is focused on education and growth! If you would like to check out the fantastic most natural products from Plexus for yourself, please visit my website at:

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