If you are thinking of trying Plexus, this is an important concept to understand before giving it a go!

Clean up the toxins and improve your health. Remove toxins and lose weight!

Clean up the toxins and improve your health. Remove toxins and lose weight!


?TOXIN loss vs. WEIGHT loss
Weight is just that…WEIGHT. Your scale has no idea WHAT it is measuring, it is simply measuring the mass of whatever you are putting on it. If that is your body, your scale will calculate the mass of your body with it’s current toxins, water percentage, undigested food, built-up fecal matter etc., and when this number starts going up or down, your scale has ZERO ability to tell you what exactly you’ve lost or gained. But, we FLIP OUT if that number reaches a range that we have always told ourselves we wouldn’t get to, right? The problem is our focus is on the wrong area of our body — the OUTSIDE.

Society has painted this picture that weight loss should be our general focus when trying to improve our health. 95% of the time, when people reach out to me about Plexus, it is with the primary goal to lose weight but after further conversation, the real desire is to rid the body of toxins and to get their body balanced. In doing this, healthy weight loss can also occur but it will do so naturally.

See, weight gain never shows up to the party alone. It always brings one or more of its friends such as inflammation, decreased energy, inability to control cravings for junk food or sodas/coffee/alcohol, depression, anxiety, heart disease, diabetes, IBS, insomnia, stress, and much more.
Do you know the probable ROOT of all of these issues? Gut health. Your gut is responsible for a great deal of your immune function and your serotonin levels. It is also responsible for properly processing toxins through the body and out where they belong. If your gut is not properly eliminating these toxins, or if they are LEAKING into your system (Leaky Gut Syndrome — Google it), then your body will not be balanced and will begin to spiral out of control.

Maybe it’s time that you switch your focus to your INSIDES for a while and see what incredible changes can happen!

TOXIN loss WINS!!!

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