Wellness and Cleaning Your Tank

Did you know low energy is a symptom, and caffeine is just a temporary fix? You CAN have natural sustained energy–and no, “getting enough sleep” won’t fix it!
Did you know sugar cravings is a symptom and the cravings CAN go away? Sugar continues the yeast furnace that is growing in your gut. When the gut becomes “leaky” with tiny holes through the gut lining, toxins flood the bloodstream and are carried throughout your body, decreasing immunity and illness happens. Decrease your sugar now.
Did you know that having digestive issues is a symptom, and unless you address the root cause, you will keep having them?  80% of all illness originates in the gut. Unbelievable but TRUE!


Would you wanna keep bathing and jumping back into the same swamp? Then…clean the swamp! Clean your body at its basic levels (blood sugar, inflammation, gut health) and regain your health. Don’t keep masking it with quick fixes and medicating a sick fish!

Reduce sugar and carbs in your diet, drink water to flush toxins and take the Triplex by Plexus. These products will address all three areas- leveling blood sugar, inflammation and improve gut health.

The Triplex includes Plexus Slim, Probio5 and Biocleanse. This TRIO will help clean your tank, energize you naturally, fight aches and pains, assist in weight loss and get you back on the road to wellness.


Take a look at my website for more information on the Triplex combo at: http://www.shopmyplexus.com/LisaJSchuster


*Plexus products are not meant to cure, treat or diagnosis illness or disease.

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